student-led education

  • Apply knowledge and skill to learn how to observe geologically
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Learn the 7-step scientific method approach for field trip planning
  • Explore hands-on inquiry and self-discovery

Everyone likes to collect pebbles on the beach. What you might not know is what stories these pebbles tell.


What you will find in our guides


The Rock Cycle

Understand how materials in the Earth’s crust are continuously recycled to form and transform into the three different rock types: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic


Pebble Guide

Develop your observation skills to learn how to see geologically. Learn to use our 3Ps Make a Rock formula along with the rock identification form and table to determine rock names. 

The Scientific Method

Embark on your very own research project by following the easy to use 7-step scientific method. Learn about the steps involved with pre-field trip preparation, the field trip and post-field trip activities.

Field Trip Guide

Learn to design a fun and effective field trip. Use the guide to help you complete a thorough pre-field trip assessment, provide guidance for a student-led field trip, and capture important elements with a detailed evaluation plan.



Organize and Document Your Discoveries

Unearth your curiosity of earth science and be apart of a team of ‘earth scientists’ designing a class research project that includes field work to collect data. You’ll find everything you’ll need to plan your unique field trip adventure in our guides.


Improve your vocabulary and expand your knowledge of earth science with our glossary of over 35 geological terms.


Gain a better understanding of the Earth’s Interior, The Rock Cycle, and the 3Ps Make a Rock formula to discover the stories pebbles tell.


Pack your comprehensive summary information sheets in your backpack and have all the essential earth science references at your fingertips to assist you on your field trip.


Do like earth scientists do and keep track of all your discoveries with our easy to use rock identification form and field tools to record, measure, sketch and collect field data.


Our Services

Whether you are looking for Workshops, Field Trips, Classroom Visits, or One-on-One Expertise, we have you covered. With our experienced guidance you and your students will enjoy the benefits of our hands-on, land-based, student-led educational programs.


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  • Danielle

    “Working through the rock classification was super helpful! Initially looking at the flow chart it seemed difficult but the more you use it, the easier it was.”

    High School Teacher
  • Michelle

    “I loved this hands-on activity and resource. Students need to be building their observation skills and learning vocabulary. This is a great skill based/inquiry lesson.”

    Grade 4 Teacher
  • Sam

    “Liked that it’s hands-on and will get the kids outside! Liked the problem-solving aspect.”

    Grade 7 Science Teacher